Internet Society Nepal Chapter is going to organize the first ‘Nepal School on Internet Governance (npSIG)’ in collaboration with Forum for Digital Equality. The program will be heldinInformation & Communication Technology Center (ICTC), Institutes of Engineering, Pulchowk, Kathmandu, Nepal, from January 19-20, 2018.

This two-day event will cover a variety of topics under Internet Governance and will help the participating students understand the global and regional issues that include access, diversity, privacy, IoT, security, and human rights that lies within the framework of Nepalese policy on Internet Governance.

The principal objective of npSIG is to raise awareness and train professionals in the domain of Internet Governance and encourage their participation in the discussion. The event will include theoretical sessions from multiple speakers, roleplays and engaging activities. The presentations and topics will focus on; the evolution of the Internet and its current scenario in Nepal, e-governance and its impact, digital inclusion and its importance, IoT and its working mechanisms, cybersecurity, cryptocurrency and their impact on a country’s economy and more.

ISOC hope that this event will help to prepare young individuals to participate effectively in ALLSIG, APSIG, APrIGF, Gobal Internet Governance processes and institutions. npSIG is also proposed as an annual school that would be held every year in Nepal. npSIGas an initiative of school on Internet Governance in Nepal, is crucial to raising awareness on policy issues among young people.

npSIG is going to hosted by Internet Society Nepal (ISOC-NP), and will be supported by Government of Nepal, Internet Society and other organizations.


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