webcon kathmandu

29th April 2022, Kathmandu

Opportunity for Tech Enthusiast to connect with leading Tech Startup founders in Nepal, and push forward the culture of purposeful entrepreneurship.

The Webcon 2022: Tech Startups in Nepal is set to take place on Sunday, April 30. WebPoint Solutions and Estradio Inc. is hosting the WebCon.

The event, which is being held in cooperation with Sagarmatha Engineering College, will focus on entrepreneurship.

Starting at 4 p.m., there will be two-panel talks regarding companies in the program at Hotel Himalaya.

Rohit Tiwari, CEO of Hamrobazar, Rajan Adhikari, CEO of Basobar.com, Amit Agrawal, co-founder of Khalti, Sikshit Bhatt, creator of Tootle, Sudina Gautam, director of Hamro Patro, and Manish Ojha, design head of UXcam will participate in the panel discussion.

Samrin Malla, Quality Assurance Engineer, WebPoint Solutions, Biplav Subedi, Scrum Master, Lifrag Technology, Pragya Sharma, CEO, Limbic Advertising, and Jagat Jyoti G. Tuladhar, Senior Software Engineer, FuseMacs will also be in attendance.

The panel discussion will cover how to establish a business in Nepal, what the problems are, and how to improve.

Previously, registration for participation in the program was open. The registration period has now ended. Only those who have registered are permitted to attend the event.

The important points made by the speaker in the event will be cut into short snippets and shared on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


Nepal lacks a culture of company-building mentorship. We are a young country in an industrial sense, and we have our unique sets of challenges. However, with great companies brewing in Nepal, we see this as an opportunity and our corporate responsibility to share the right information.

At WebCon 2022, we intend to open up conversations about tech startups in Nepal. Our goal is to provide a platform for telling stories about building a tech startup.

The event will comprise two separate panel discussions. For the first discussion, we have put together a panel of Founders and CEOs of high-value startups, where we’ll be discussing ideas and how ideas turn into plans.

For the second discussion, we have put together a panel of reputed professionals, whose job is to take the plans, execute them and deliver results.

WebCon 2022 is an initiative by Webpoint Solutions to build a community of entrepreneurs and problem-solvers around growth, purpose, and responsibility.


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