2nd December 2023, Kathmandu

Instinct Nepal, in collaboration with WorldLink Communication Ltd, introduces WEBTHON 2080, a revolutionary web designing competition set to showcase creativity and talent.

In a groundbreaking initiative, Instinct Nepal has joined forces with WorldLink Communication Ltd to announce the launch of WEBTHON 2080, a pioneering web designing competition that promises to be a beacon for innovation and digital expertise. With the invaluable support of printing partner NITC Nepal and media partner ICTFRAME.COM, this event is poised to celebrate the convergence of creativity and technology.

Scheduled to unfold on the 30th of Mangsir at the prestigious Seasons Restaurant in Kumaripati, WEBTHON 2080 invites participants from across Nepal to exhibit their web designing prowess and innovative skills. The competition welcomes both individuals and teams, with a maximum of two members per team, encouraging a diverse range of talents to partake in this thrilling event.

WEBTHON 2080 aims to provide a platform where talent meets technology, offering aspiring web designers an opportunity to showcase their unique abilities and push the boundaries of creativity. In collaboration with WorldLink Communication Ltd, the competition is set to elevate the standards of web design by highlighting the latest trends and futuristic concepts.

A representative from Instinct Nepal expressed excitement about WEBTHON 2080, stating, “We are thrilled to unveil WEBTHON 2080, a convergence of digital innovation and artistic expression. This event is designed to empower the next generation of web designers, encouraging them to explore new frontiers in web development while fostering a competitive yet collaborative environment.”

The support from esteemed partners, NITC Nepal as the printing partner and ICT FRAME as the media partner, ensures that WEBTHON 2080 receives the necessary exposure and resources to make it a resounding success.

The competition promises a day filled with excitement as participants navigate through challenges, creative tasks, and showcase their expertise to esteemed judges and industry professionals. Prizes, recognition, and opportunities await those who rise to the challenge and exhibit exceptional skills in this digital arena.

Register for WEBTHON: Click Here

WEBTHON is poised to be a landmark event, shaping the future of web design and providing a platform for the emergence of new talents in the digital landscape.


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