You heard the term “cybercrime.” So, what is cybercrime? What are the major types of cybercrime?. Cybercrime is a computer-oriented crime that involves a computer and also a network. Here the computer used in the commission of a crime or may also be the target. Cybercrime is on the rise. The crime that occurs on the internet also considered as a cybercrime. Various law enforcement agencies are trying to tackle this problem. Some common types of cybercrime include hacking, fraud, identity theft, online scams. Some major types of cybercrime are as follows.

1.Computer Intrusion

It is any malicious activity that harms a computer lot. OR causes a computer network to work unexpectedly. It also involves spreading the virus, exploitation of the OS or a software feature.

2.Social Engineering

It also fools a user by sending him an email or calling him to provide more secure data like passwords etc.


Here a system fooled into giving access by sending TCP Packet that has a forged address.

4.Denial of Service (DOS Attack)

This type of attack is to make the resources or services unavailable to the intended users. Such Denial of Service that is DOS attacks carried out on the websites to stop them from working. It is also known as a “Distributed Denial of Service” (DDoS) attack. Wherein many geographically widespread flood the network traffic. It also targets high profile web site servers. Websites of companies such as CNN, Yahoo, Twitter, etc. are not spared either.

5.Smurg Attack

This attack creates a large amount of traffic on the victim’s network. It causes the network to crash, and  It is also one of the types of DOS attack.

6.Fraggle Attack

It is also one of the types of DOS attack where the attacker sends large amount If UDP echoes traffic to IP broadcast address.

7.Email Bombing

It means sending email to a victim causing the victim’s mail account or the mail server to crash.

8.Logic Bomb

It is an event driver attack in which it activates only if a certain event occurs. Likewise, it is also known as “slag code.” It is a very malicious piece of code. And inserted into the software to carry out some malicious tasks, When triggered by a specific work.

9.Salami Attack

It is carried out for financial gains. Here the critical fact also is to make changes so small that in a single case it can go unnoticed in the system.


It is a technique of extracting confidential information. They are credit card numbers, username password combos. It carried out by email spoofing.


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