WhatsApp Hijacking: Delhi Police Warns You About This New Scam

WhatsApp Hijacking

22nd June 2020, Kathmandu

The Delhi Police  Cyber Crime Department has warned WhatsApp users. The new type of fraud has to hijack WhatsApp accounts. In a series of tweets that frauds are trying to lock out users, by using WhatsApp two-factor authentication. The scam is to get someone’s WhatsApp account so that they can talk to the victim’s friends and family about financial transactions.

The hacker creates a fake account and sets the official WhatsApp logo as a screenshot, which acts like the WhatsApp technical team’s account. The hacker asks the user to provide a six-digit confirmation PIN to verify their identity since the text message appears as from the professional side by the official logo of WhatsApp.

The target deceives and shares a six-digit confirmation PIN. Hackers use the information from their device to log in to the target’s WhatsApp account. Attackers can then use their access to the hijacked account. They use accounts to send messages to the target’s friends and family members. They may request money, PIN, OTP, and more.


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