Vianet Brings High-Speed Package For Students

Vianet launches E-learning

22nd June 2020, Kathmandu

Educational institutions are teaching their students through video conferencing and video tutorials. In this case, students and teachers need high-speed bandwidth.

The company said “The pack is with the aim of helping students and teachers to conduct classes. The speed of the internet will be high so students can study without any problem. The package also includes the ‘Focus Mode’ feature and Net TV service.

The company said that the Net TV service included in the package includes more than 250 channels. Features such as ‘pause’ and ‘play’, catchup TV, a movie on-demand, and mobile apps.

According to the company, this pack will be available at Rs 1,700 per month.

‘Via Secure’ is for protection under Focus Mode. This will help to block many sites including games, YouTube, Facebook. Online classes will be conduct, and the focus will be on reading.


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