HTC has introduced quite a few new VR(virtual reality) headsets in the market. A lot of experts are still figuring out the concerns behind Vive Cosmos. However, we have two other headsets added to the enterprise too. The soon to be released, Vive Pro Eye has built-in eye-tracking that surpasses its predecessor, the primary professional. Likewise, Vive Focus Plus includes six levels of freedom(6DOF) controllers.

Even though they have a couple of additional features, they won’t be able to replace their predecessors completely.

This question was asked to Vive Common Supervisor, Daniel O’Brien at Mobile World Congress(MWC), Barcelona. He said that the reason lies deep down to the difference between client and enterprise markets. “When you’re talking about enterprise-it’s a very long lead sales time. And you’re also talking about the time that you need to provide service to the customers, and you need to keep supporting them. They’ve already built business cases around these issues, they will deploy them, and they’ll boost the new hardware soon enough.”

With the experience of working in HTC’s phone department, O’Brien said that he knows how that may be targeted to a client market. He added that the buyers need to be given adequate time. “Sometimes that maybe take 12-18 months, but you’ve got to respect the customers, and how they will buy the products and not force them to do anything. Otherwise, you’re out of business.”

Additionally, he was asked about the professional concerning the resolution to boost the hardware to clients. At CES 2018, when HTC finally launched the Professional, it was targeted towards each shopper and companies. When the $799 price tag was revealed, it was clear that it wasn’t meant for regular buyers. Even many corporate criticized the value promoted. So why pursue the shoppers? O’Brien said, “We simply knew that if we blocked the buyers out from making a better decision, we would upset them. And we didn’t want to disappoint the clients.”

He also advised that the corporate was promoting a lot of Executives on the enterprise. He mentioned, “I know it may have appeared quite complex with the messaging; however, we were trying not to upset anybody.”

Vive Professional Eye is believed to be quite a similar case. The prosumers will be able to buy these headsets once it launches in the second quarter of the calendar, nevertheless, it’s mainly focused for enterprise use rather than gaming. Alternatively, Cosmos will probably be HTC’s consumer-focused virtual reality headset. It is scheduled to launch this year. HTC was uncommunicative about it at MWC.


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