Kathmandu University Computer Club (KUCC) is a student wing of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering which was established with a goal to engage and aware students in the technological research and development, most prominently in the ICT field and at the same time provides a common platform for young and aspiring individuals to exhibit their ideas.

Every year KUCC cooperates and organizes numerous competitive as well as non-competitive events like seminars, exhibitions, hackathon, skill development program and tutorial sessions to name a few, with an unwavering intention to promote, develop and encourage emerging technological advancement.

KUCC is a non-profit, independent club formed by students of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in the year 1997. Being registered as the first club of Kathmandu University with the registration number 001/1997 in the Student Welfare, KUCC has worked in the field of ICT for twenty years. KUCC has more than 1000 members from Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

Every student in the department is a general member of the club. Apart from these members, KUCC is supervised by experienced professors in every event conducted by the club. The club collaborates with other institutions to undertake various projects and workshops inside and outside Kathmandu University. It has executed various small to large scale programs to raise awareness of ICT at different levels.

Why Started IT Meet 2018?

To facilitate communication between the IT industry and education institutions.

To update the knowledge related to the IT field and latest development in technologies to both technical and non-technical audience.

To provide national level exposure to the software and hardware products developed by students.

To boost confidence among participants by developing the skills of professionalism, communication, and teamwork.

To showcase and promote technology used for entertainment.

To reflect the current scenario and prospect of IT development in Nepal.


Project Demonstration:

In this event, students will be given a platform to showcase their projects in front of visitors. This way the students will get a chance to gain valuable feedback and reaction from the visitors. Both hardware and software projects will be demonstrated in this event.

Software Competition/Hardware Competition:

In this event, the participants will showcase the software/hardware that they have developed. Judges will evaluate the best entry, and the winner will be rewarded accordingly.


This is the event where developers dedicate 40 hours to develop something small yet impressive. The participants will be given a workspace with internet connection for the duration of the game. They will be provided a theme, and they have to present (pitch) their project proposal based on the idea and finish the project within two days.

The participants will also be provided with the meal facility. The panel of the judge will decide the winner based on creativity, innovation, completeness, and other critical factors.

Cyber Gaming Competition

“Unite all Gamers” as a real gamer would say, IT Meet 2018 will be the hub to bring together all players for an open competition, promoting the cyber gaming culture. Cash prizes will be provided to the winners.


In this event, a group of four participants will be given a problem, and the competitors will have to find the solution using the search engine “Google.” The person who sees the highest number of settlements in the shortest time will be awarded attractive gift hampers.

Designing Competition:

This competition is based on creativity with a particular theme. The best designs will be chosen and awarded with an attractive gift hamper. They can use a designing language or Photoshop to design.

Coding Competition:

In this competition, a logic-based programming problem will be given to the participant, and they have to solve the problem in a limited time using any programming language of their choice. The chosen problem will be based on interesting scenarios. The person who answers the question first with the desired result will be awarded a prize.

Career Fair:

IT Meet 2018 will also include a career fair. Potential employers will be able to interact with potential employees. This will provide students the opportunity to meet employers and perform first interviews. It will also be an opportunity for companies to meet with students and talk to them about their expectations from them as students and answer their potential questions such as the degree or work experience needed.

Idea Pitching:

Supported by Kathmandu University Business Incubation Center (KUBIC), teams from various academic backgrounds construct ideas on a given theme and present their plan to a panel of judges. The judges will select and award the best pitching under several criteria such as creativity, market feasibility, resources use, etc.

Pen Testing Competition:

Pen testing competition is a tournament based competition in which cybersecurity enthusiasts gather and are provided with a series of task to break into (hack into) a system. Winners will be presented with attractive gift hampers.

Developers Meet:

IT experts gather lots of experience while working on ICT based businesses. This event focuses on students as well as professionals working in various programming environments (PHP, Android, Python, et al). In these seminars, professionals from different backgrounds share their ideas, by giving presentations and participating in discussions. This will provide an opportunity for the tech-communities to come together with academics and industry professionals.

Treasure Hunt:

Treasure Hunt is an event conducted in collaboration with KU Geomatics Engineering Society. A stall will be provided on-venue to the organizers of Treasure Hunt. Participants will be given specific hints, based upon which they are supposed to search a series of other clues to reach a destination. Winners will be provided with attractive gift hampers.

LTSP e-Library:

Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP) e-Library is a project initiated by Help Nepal Network and technically supported by Department of Computer Science and Engineering (DoCSE), Kathmandu University. There are more than 30+ LTSP e-library sites deployed until now which is helping the rural village to reduce the digital gap. IT Meet 2018 will show how our e-Library project is being operated and how it is helping the student learn better.

Blood Donation:

KU Youth Red Cross (KUYRC) is collaborating with IT MEET 2018 organizing a committee to conduct blood donation program for the visitors of IT MEET 2018.

Robotics Event:

This event is done in collaboration with Kathmandu University Robotics Club. We encourage community enthusiasts to participate in the demonstration of various robotics project within and outside KU.

Photography Contest:

Participants submit their photos related to Technology theme which are printed and put on display. Visitors will vote on the best picture and a prize will be given to the photographer. This event will highlight the status of Information Technology in Nepal in a truly artistic manner.

IT quiz competition:

An inter-school quiz competition will be organized in IT Meet 2018. The two teams will be awarded impressive gift hampers and a running shield. This event is to encourage and motivate students from an early age towards ICT.

Acoustic Night:

Students will perform various songs and musicals. This event will serve to entertain the students and the guests of IT Meet.

Visit IT MEET 2018
Date: 5th and 6th January 2018
Venue: IT Park Kavre (On the way to Panauti from Banepa)

For more details contact:
Pratit Raj Giri – 9843188611
Prashant Subedi – 9842191337
Basanta Thapa – 9843208085


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