Windows 10 Blue Screen Of Death Gets Q R Code

In Windows 10, you may face lots of errors, some errors you can solve while some mistakes you can’t. These errors are due to either of software or hardware issues. Nothing more. On this article, I am going to discuss on infamous Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error, that you may have faced.

Blue Screen of Death appears when your computer windows encounter any critical errors due to either of software or hardware issues. It will display a sad face icon and shows information like “Your PC ran into a problem and needed to restart.”  With a background in blue color.

Besides on Microsoft’s Anniversary update, the company is making the Blue Screen of Death more useful and informative for its users. It has added the QR code to its BSOD in Windows 10 to make its user’s more effective and convenient to identify and add potential issues with their devices.

So if your system, i.e., Operating system fails or does not work correctly, then you will see a sad face with a QR code, and that will be helpful for you as:

  1. You would be able to scan this code with the Android devices or smartphones, and you will be directed to a web page that could include the details on the encountered error.
  2. You can also call Microsoft support to figure out the problem after determining the origin of the bug based on the specific QR code and even has become more useful to troubleshoot or fix it.

Furthermore, it will help to many Windows 10 users although their hearts stop for a minute when their screen goes blue. With this feature, Microsoft Windows 10 is also intended to include more features like Ubuntu file system which helps to use “Bash to run command-line Linux applications” without a virtual machine.