Windows 10 steals our internet bandwidth

Windows 10 is stealing your internet bandwidth, Stop it!

Are you using windows 10? Do you think that your internet connection is slow after the installation of windows 10? If yes then ICT Frame has brought some tips to recover the internet bandwidth stolen by Windows 10.

You might be in confusion or dilemma why windows 10 is stealing your internet bandwidth?

-It is because Windows 10 is using your internet connection to distribute updates to other people on the Internet.

So, here are the tips to recover the internet bandwidth stolen by windows 10 :

First step:

Go to the windows search option and search for “windows update settings”

ICT Frame windows-10-steals-internet-bandwidth-update

Second step :

After first step you can find a option windows update. Now you have to click on “Advanced options” as shown in the picture.

ICT Frame windows-10-steals-internet-bandwidth-update2

Third step:

In third step you have to click the option “Choose how updates are delivered.”

ICT Frame windows-10-steals-internet-bandwidth-update3

Fourth Step:

This is the last step. All you have to do is just toggle under “Updated from more than one place.”