Windows 10 which will launched by Windows soon is going to be the last Operating System of the Windows Series. As Microsoft is in the process of launching the Operating System, it says Windows 10 is going to be the Last Version for Windows.

According to Jerry Nikson, developer of Microsoft, Windows 10 will be the last operating system of the desktop series operating system.

Nikson said this during his speech at Microsoft ignite conference in Chicago America. But he also included that windows will be bringing new updates to the same version even if they wont be launching a New Version.

Even though new version for Windows won’t be launched, they are going to improve the version with regular updates as said my Microsoft.

However it is not that Microsoft wont be developing other software for OS after this version.



They are planning to develop new Os after Windows 10 as said my Microsoft. Microsoft New Operating System after Windows 10 wont be named Windows 11.

However, there are no news on what they will be called. The reason for naming the version as 10 just after Windows 8.1 and 8.1 update was for the same so that they can complete their version with Windows 10.

According to the Steve Kleynhans, Analyst from Microsoft says that Microsoft will be focusing on bringing new and better type of Operating System. Microsoft spends a lit of money so that the people know about the true features of Newer Versions of Windows.

Microsoft will be focusing on users experience and choice for the New Version of Windows as well as new Operating System. Kleynhans told  that its a good step however it is challenging as well.

With the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft will be working on its new Operating System. They believe it is also going to be famous as Windows are now.