1-month History of 7.8M Earthquake

Today’s 26th May 2015 AD ( Jestha 12, 2072 BS)  is the one-month history of our (Nepal) very well witnessed and heart- wrecking earthquake of magnitude 7.8.

In the tenure of this one month, we experienced three earthquakes of high magnitudes. It has been one month, but still, Mother Nature has made us aware of its existence.

Many people compare this quake with the quake that of 80-90 years ago which was of 8.4M. We cannot even imagine how great the shake was.

yasmine shrestha

It is said that the aftershocks of that quake was only of 6-7 days and not of this long. Even though the magnitude was higher, the damage might have been less than that of today.

This is because the population was lower and also there were lesser buildings. Many elders are alive today who got to witness both the devastating earthquakes. Many news channels have taken their interviews, and most of them shared the same experience.

One thing they added was that there were no aids. They had to arrange everything themselves. Even today there are many places affected by the earthquake where the grants haven’t reached, but it is encouraging to know that some of the villages have started building their communities themselves without waiting for the aid.

It is certain that they are struggling, but they have set an excellent example for the villages that are just waiting for someone to come and help them.

It is a possibility that many of the villages have stored enough food and tents for a year. If the aids keep on coming and they keep saving, there is a likelihood that these people will continue their mindset that they do not need to work.

They might be thinking that if the given-sources are finished, more will come. So maybe it will be better to help them raise their resources by their skills and work and provide aid only until they can do that.

If there comes an appropriate plan for this, it might help to create a better place up to some extent.