Women Leaders In Technology Bootcamp, WLiT

WLiT Bootcamp 2016 is an annual workshop series organized by Women Leadership in Technology as part of WLiT Fellowship Program, initiated with the vision to empower young women to become innovators and leaders in the technology field.

The fellowship is designed to assemble a unique and diverse cohort of high-potential and skilled leaders. It starts with a two-week boot camp and follows into a year-long follow-up program.

In these two weeks long Bootcamp, participants will learn essential technical and professional skills in a week-long workshop series and spend next week on developing a product.

WLiT Bootcamp 2016 will cost Rs. One thousand five hundred per participant and Rs 500 will be refunded back after the workshop. If you are unable to pay the full cost due to financial constraints, please write to [email protected] to explain your reasons and the amount that you can spend.