Tell us about yourself

Well, I’d like to describe myself as a girl who loves technology and has some enthusiasm and willingness to do something in the field of ICT.
I want to contribute for the betterment of technology.

Why choose the ASCOL College?

Everybody is known to the fact that how great the learning environment is with the seniors herein ASCOL. Besides, they’ve already made a great progress in this field which itself attracts the students like me. And I was really inspired by our seniors in the third semester who have already launched several Android apps. Though it solely depends on ourselves on how much we do, environment also is a great factor. That’s why I think it was obvious for me to choose ASCOL.

Why did you choose B.Sc. CSIT course?

Actually, I had joined Ambition College after SLC in the Science stream taking Bio with an aim to become a doctor. (Maybe, because that’s what we get taught in our childhood but I always loved the technology.) I wasn’t really known about this course at that time.
But when I got to know about B.Sc. CSIT there (as it’s being taught there as well), I developed a strong feeling that “I must study this course, that’s my field and not the medical thing”. Then I consulted with my teachers and googled a lot about this and then convinced my family& got enrolled in this course. The CSITAN was of great help to me then.

How many hours do you learn a day on average?

Well, it really depends on my mood that how much I learn. Sometimes, I stay overnight learning new things, never getting tired and there are some days which go without even bothering to start.
I don’t have a fixed schedule though I always make a routine but rarely follow it.

What is your goal? Programmer! Designer! IT Manager! IT Entrepreneur!

My aim is to be a programmer right now, but I’m a very fluctuating person. I never know what I’m up to. For now, I wish to be able to fulfill that aim and I’m interested in the idea of entrepreneurship as well. Let’s see, what happens next!

What are your hobbies? What makes you happy?

I’m a fun lover. I adore going on walks with friends and doing anything crazy in their presence. I also love writing short poetries and articles about something that interests me, which are all stuffed on my notes and diaries.I enjoy answering questions on Quora and read from the others as well. Besides, I play video games a lot and watch online tutorials in my free time.

How do you generate new ideas?

I think ideas come by doing as necessity is the mother of inventions.
I take inspirations and suggestions from my seniors, teachers and even from the colleagues. Whenever I want to try something new, the idea won’t just strike my mind even if I try a thousand times but when I desperately need it, I automatically get many things in my mind to do. Though some of them are vague, it works for the situation and provides me with a new mindset to do a different thing.

Can you describe your best IT teacher?

Yes, all the teachers in my college are good but there’s always the best one to a student.
To me, Mr. Prakash Bdr. Amatya, our Stat teacher is the favorite. Though the subject he teaches is not a core IT subject, his teaching style is just wow! He makes the class interactive by asking questions and always provides us with some new ideas. He keeps on motivating us. I rarely miss his class!

Do you have anything to share through ICT FRAME?

It was really a great experience sharing about myself and I think it was a pretty good covering of almost everything. I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to ICT FRAME for providing me with this golden opportunity.

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Mina Aryal is a Nepali tech journalist and media expert. She is currently the chief editor of ICT Frame, a leading online tech media outlet in Nepal that covers topics such as technology, business, and entrepreneurship. Aryal has been involved in the field of tech journalism for over a decade and has covered various topics such as internet governance, cybersecurity, e-commerce, and startup ecosystems. She has also been involved in organizing and promoting tech events in Nepal to bring together tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and investors to discuss and collaborate on various topics related to the tech industry. Aryal is considered one of the most influential tech journalists in Nepal and has been recognized for her contributions to the field.