Work Of Reading Software For Blind To Complete Soon, KU Professor

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To do ease reading for blind people the work of new software is almost at the end. This software can convert any written text into speech. Blind people can feel convenient to read through this software.

This software can read ‘Devnagari’ font, said informed Dr. Bal Krishna Bal, software developer and associate professor at Kathmandu University. Bu using this software blind people can understand any written documents. The software is all set to launch. It can be used very quickly in mobile and is free to download.  Total of 5 human resources was engaged in developing the software.

“We aim to make software more effective in future by collaborating with different NGO, INGO and other bodies,” said Bal. Around 15 Lakhs was invested in developing the app.

While developing this app, Nepal Association of the Blind played a significant role. Similarly, Australian embassy supported financially.

The software is very user-friendly; an average literate person can use the software, said Nirajan Panta, one of the developers of software. Around 2Lakhs blind can get access to this software, said Khem Raj Sharma secretariat member at Nepal Association of the Blind. The software scans Devnagari font and converts them into speech which will efficiently assist blind people like us, added Sharma.

“We faced so much of trouble before the emergence of this software; we were unable to read the subject of our choice. Likewise, it was mandatory for us to use the second person while giving exams. Even while reading the letters we have to depend on others, but now with this software, I believe everything will change”, said Sharma.

From 2022 B.S Braille system started in Nepal, but till now the concerned authority is unable to develop accessible and systematic curriculum for blind people.


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