Workshop On ZURB Foundation By Education Technology Nepal

Workshop on ZURB Foundation at the College of Holistic Education

  Nowadays many workshops have conducted in different parts of Kathmandu valley to enrich the Knowledge of IT students like web designing, Web Development, Android Development, Word Press Development, Dot net, Advance Java and many more. Likewise, on August 2, 2016, College of Holistic Education had successfully conducted a workshop on the ZURB Foundation in tandem with Education Technology Nepal. During that 3 hours workshop they taught on the following topics like introduction to responsive web design and front end development, getting started with foundation, explanation of our mobile-first approach, deep dive into our flexible and powerful grid, block grid, source ordering, buttons, typography, callouts, forms, navigation, pagination, breadcrumbs, visibility classes, installing the javascript plug-in and many more.

Perhaps you may be confused on what ZURB Foundation is, why it is used although there are lots of frameworks for web designing purpose and what are the programs conducted by College of Holistic Education in collaboration with Education Technology Nepal. So, in this article, you would get all sorts of information in detail.

Foundation is the most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world to design beautiful responsive websites, apps, and emails on any device, medium, and accessibility. Since new resources and code snippets are added frequently, so it has become now as a semantic, readable, flexible, faster, responsive, rails friendly, mobile first, easy, rapid prototyping, support high resolution for REM and EM values, RTL Feature, Sass and completely customization framework. That’s why responsive design on it gets a lot faster as compared to another framework. Similarly, the Court of Salyan IT officer and web developer, Suresh Kumar khadka said that Foundation is made by ZURB and its product design company is in Campbell, CA. And it has started building web products and services since 1998 and launched lots of program in different countries.

Since the foundation is the only framework professionally supported by an organization called ZURB from small startups to massive enterprises, the foundation has tried and tested for many years and gone through many five iteration process as well to improve this platform so it is mostly used to implement a handful of plug-in to serve fancy UIs like Orbit slideshows, section dropdowns for navigation or tabbed content and responsive lightbox galleries. You can also go through to get more information about ZURB Foundation.

Instead of this, CEO of College of Holistic Education, Upendra Malla said that CHE had not been established as a college till date, but they are in the phase of developing it as a college. Despite this, they are conducting lots of program like Advance Java, Android Development, Adobe Collection, C/C++/Advance Qbasic, C#/DotNet, Web designing and development, and many more every month. Similarly, they also worked as a counselor to provide information on abroad studies as voluntarily for students.  Not only this they even collaborate with President Surendra Batala from Education Technology Nepal to conduct many workshops to enrich the knowledge of IT students. Upendra Malla said that in most of the places there is digital divide or digital gap exist at present such as a degree passed student doesn’t know how to send email, but a four-class student can quickly send an email. This is a reality, so he told that they are planned to solve this critical and harassments situation by providing as cheap education as possible for everyone with quality and Globalized market-friendly education. Beside he emphasized that they would provide training, internship and job placement facilities to every student enrolled on their program. So they are conducting lots of program in collaboration with Education Technology Nepal to know everyone what programs they are performing and how IT students would be benefited through their programs.

Furthermore, Surendra Batala told that Education Technology Nepal is a common forum for every ICT lovers and students. And it is specially established to unite every ICT students in one platform for learning the purpose, problem-solving on ICT and to minimize the gap between University and Market in the field of ICT. Beside the main motto of this is how to integrate technology in education. There are about 14 ICT TU affiliated colleges, and they have successfully conducted workshop and seminar on about 10 ICT colleges. It is irony of fate that such national developing programs are limited within the Kathmandu valley itself, so they are intended to expand it outside the valley as well on upcoming days.