Cyber Security Situation In Nepal, CSI Nepal Coordinator

With the invention of the internet, there is rapid development in the field of IT. One out of three people are engaged in computer and performed their day to day activities through the internet. It can be said as online has become now as a platform for sharing information and promotion of their business. So it has directly or indirectly lead society towards technological advancement. Furthermore, due to online technology, it is possible to unite the considerable world into a global village.

Although cyber technology has many advantages, but due to lack of proper implementation many cyber crimes has emerged in the world. And the same type of situation has also created or developed in the case of Nepal. So effective planning for cybersecurity is essential to minimize this drastic situation.  Here you would get to know the present location of cybersecurity in Nepal and what effective plans are needed to mitigate this trending problem.

Internet Service Provider (ISP) has demonstrated that the number of people engaged on the Internet is rapidly increasing. In 2000, there were only 35,000 people employed on the internet, but around 2009 A.D. this situation was improved by ten times. And at present, about 50% of people are engaged on the Internet. This indicates that the case is trending in Nepal.

There are lots of factors that boost up this situation. In a business organization, about 30% of employees use the internet service.

Likewise, international organization and private home users use about 20% each. Similarly, many schools, colleges, and computer training institutes used internet for learning purpose in both rural and urban areas.

Due to the fact above many cyber crimes emerged in Nepal. Poor Digital Access, Institutional Instability, and Regime Instability are the leading cause of this problem. Similarly, cybersecurity policies still cannot address cyber security threats and issues in Nepal. Through many types of research, it was found that the majority of people don’t know what cybercrime is and what impacts it would create on personal life. Likewise, there is no proper cyber law in Nepal. If an individual commits a cybercrime, there is no valid law to give punishment to those people. Similarly, all the seminars, conference and workshop based on cybersecurity are limited within the Kathmandu valley only. So such a drastic problem was created.

To solve this situation knowledge about cyber security need to be publicized throughout the country. Similarly, the Government needs to utilize the latest technology as other developed countries do. Likewise most of the passwords, used by the people are so common that it can be guessed easily, so they have to provide exceptional training on how to make a strong password. Then only the motto of Cyber Security would be achievable.

Author: Chiranjibi Adhikari (CSI Nepal, Coordinator)