Dubai august 13
Emirates airline from Dubai has announced that on Thursday it will launch the world’s longest non-stop flight in February.Although the longest flight lasted for 19 hours which was linked from Singapore to New York,operated by Singapore airlines it was suspended in 2013.Now in 2015 Dubai emirates airlines is the longest flight from gulf emirates to panama city.
Airlines takes a lot of time to reach from one place to another which needs a large number of capital to operate it.But ,it is a fastest means of transportation.It can cover a large distance in just 1 hour which cannot be compared by any other means of transportation.
     Flight operated by a Boeing 777-200 LR aircraft fly daily to panama’s capital in a passenger flight,where as it can carry up to 15 tonnes of cargo.Emirates said that “the flight between the two trading hubs will last 17 hours and 35 minutes,making panama the airline’s first destination in central america”.Currently the longest flights connects, Dallas to Sidney which last for almost 17 hours,from Johannesburg to Atlanta in 16 hours 40 minutes and from Dubai to Los Angeles in 16 hours and 35 minutes.
      Emirates operates a fleet of 235 aircraft, serving 147 destinations in 81 countries.the airlines has the world’s largest fleets of airbus A380s and Boeing 777s, with another 274 planes on order worth $ 135 billion.According to the WTO it is unfair for Gulf airlines to enjoy interest free loans,subsidized airport charge government protection on fuel losses and under market labor costs which they have been doing for a long time now.