How to see who viewed your facebook profile the most?

Facebook has been very famous since it has been introduced first ever time to the world. Nowadays from small to big things Facebook is used. If we want to know about some people then also we can easily know about them by just typing their name and clicking and in a small moment only we can know about them. Not just knowing, but also we can find various people there in Facebook. If we know the name of the person but doesn’t know their details then also through Facebook we can know much more about them just Facebook becomes the medium. And we also want to know that who visits our Facebook profile.
And yes of course, we all know that it is very easy to know the details about the people whom you want to know about. Just log in top Facebook and search the related person’s profile. If I am not wrong then, most of you all have already done these for many times. So like that, it is obvious that there are many people who want to know about you and have searched your profile. So who must have viewed you Facebook profile?
It its sure that everyone are keen to know that who viewed your profile. When you get to know that people want to know about you, it is sure that you might be very happy that people want to know about your life. Some of the people usually comes in your timeline time to time just to know about you. But you don’t have any information about that. Don’t worry, today we will present you such type of trick, with which you can easily know who have viewed your Facebook profile just to know about you. For this, go through the following tricks mentioned below:
First of all open your Facebook Profile. And you must know your page’s source code. And to know about your profile page’s source code, click Ctrl+U in your keyboard. Doing this, the page where there is written your source code of Facebook Page will be opened.
After that, press Ctrl+F in your keyboard. After pressing them, one search box will be opened. In that particular search box type {“list”: and click enter.
Doing this, accordingly, the Facebook profile ID of the people who have recently viewed you Facebook profile will be displayed solely in the screen. The person who has visited your Facebook profile for the maximum time, his/her profile will be on the 1st place and accordingly, other people’s profile will also be displayed in ascending order.
After that, open one new tab. In that new tab, in address bar type id of the person who has viewed your profile and click the enter button. Then after doing this, the profile of that person who has viewed your profile will be displayed and you can also know about that specific person.
So, how about trying doing this and knowing the people or you can also say fans who wants to know about you.