WPA3 ensuring a secured and hack-proof Wi-Fi connection

WPA3 Wifi Security Protocol Announced

WPA3 is ensuring a secure and hack-proof Wi-Fi connection. Wi-Fi nowadays is hacked very often, and a lot of people are quite distressed about it to solve this the Wi-Fi alliances just announced WPA3. It is a Wi-Fi security standard which will be replacing WPA2 shortly.

The Wi-Fi alliances have stated that WPA3, which stands for Wi-Fi protected access, will ensure a safe and secured Wi-Fi connection making it harder for the hackers to break into your Wi-Fi. Finally, after about 14 years, Wi-Fi will get the upgrade is sorely needed.

WPA3 is also trying to bring the next generation to wireless standards. The new rules will be having individualized data encryption, which will be focusing on encrypting the device on the network and the router. This standard will prevent someone from spying on your activities from contaminated equipment within the system.

The Wi-Fi alliances are still certifying new products that would support WPA3. A bunch of manufacturers is already working on it. Qualcomm has already started making chips for phones and tablets, and CISCO has also announced that it would upgrade the device which would support the WPA3 and virtually other companies are also adding their support.

WPA3 is one of the revolutions to the Wi-Fi networks. Every being far awaited this version. The older versions like WPA2 and WPA1/WPA aren’t secure anymore. The WPA3 will be expected to add four new features not found in WPA2.

WPA3 is also expected to bring more secure password login which will reduce the chances of someone guessing your password no matter how easy it is. It will also block an attacker after too many passwords fail.

WPA3’s coordination will also depend on the manufactures to produce hardware that would support WPA3 or support old device with patches. Even when WPA3 gets on the air WPA2 will probably continue to work for a while but eventually will get shut down.

With the most awaited invention, Wi-Fi will now get more secured from the hackers now and prevents from remembering unnecessarily long and hard passwords.


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