ICT Frame presents an Interview session with Dhruba Raj Sharma (Sudip) Secretary General of NPCERT and President of Mid Western Information and Technology Society. In this interview, we had tried to know about the status of ICT in rural areas of Nepal.

Read the full interview to know what Mr. Sharma has to tell regarding this subject.

How is the development status of information and technology in rural areas of Nepal?

The development status of Information and technology in rural areas of Nepal is still vulnerable. The government and the organizations who are supposed to work for the development of information and technology in rural areas are not showing their effort in a proper way.

As you are the President of Mid Western Information and Technology Society, could you tell us about the contribution you have given to the sector of ICT?

Till date, the society has done many works related to ICT. Currently, we are organizing various awareness program related to cyber security, technology and among others. Similarly, we have also launched various training and awareness program in different schools and colleges of Mid West.

What kinds of work are being carried out in rural areas related with ICT?

Well things are changing. The reach of internet in rural areas is gradually taking place. Different Internet Service Provider (ISP) has established their branch even in the rural areas. Similarly, Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) is putting a great effort for the development of ICT in rural areas. They are involved in hosting various programs for the development of ICT in rural areas.

Though there is the reach of internet and computers in rural areas still the majority of people in rural areas are computer illiterate, they even don’t have any idea about internet and technology so how are you educating people about these things?

As I have told earlier, various program related to ICT are being launched in such kinds of areas. The youths and school kids are majorly targeted in those programs which make us easy to make our program successful. Likewise, in those areas now there is an availability of education-related with IT. Developments of ICT in rural areas are taking place but it is not as expected.

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