Young Nepali Scientist Set To Make An Announcement At NASA

Lujendra Ojha, Nepali Scientist, found Water on Mars. This is a  proud moment for all the Nepalese people. Nepali Scientist Lujendra and team got new information about mars. Including Nepali Scientist and his team has found out the fact about the existing flow of water in the surface of the planet Mars. With this, 25 years old Lujendra Ojha has become one of the successful scientists of Nepal.

In American Space Organization, during NASA’s analysis of satellite and taking pictures through that satellite in Mars, Lujendra including his team has brought conclusion about the existing flow of water on the surface of Mars.   As there is a presence of conditioned fluid water in Mars, it is proved that this planet is still geographically active, according to researchers.

In planet Mars, as there is found flowing water, it is said that the possibility of survival is increasing.  According to the Scientist Lujendra including his team of researchers’ research, the dark linings that are seen in the surface of planet Mars is related to water’s effusion.

According to the pictures that are gained by NASA’s satellite, the structures that are found on the slope are the collection of salts. Those salts help in unfreezing of water in the wind around the Mars and vapor is arisen and it regulates the temperature therewithin, and because of this reason only in Mars, the water in the form of fluid are flowing on the surface as said by the researchers. This research is published in Nature Geoscience Journal.

This research which was released on Monday, the conclusion about the possibility of survival in Mars can be made as in the presence of running water, inside water there can be found at least particulate living beings’ survival is much possible there.

Likewise, with the presence of flowing of water in the surface of Mars, it will be much easier for the scientist to land on Mars in future and it will also be easy to stay there, and the expenditure of Mars campaign will also be decreased.

The student studying at Georgia Institute of Technology, Lujendra Ojha has also found the new facts about the possibility of the presence of water in Mars before as well.

This time, he with the help of NASA’s Mars Recon sense’s orbiter named satellite got the pictures of Mars, and in the base of its analysis, he has prepared this research. In this satellite Chrism named one equipment is present which can find out the chemistry of the substance that is present on the surface of Mars.

During the press conference, Ojha said that though these types of dark linings are discovered before only then this, there was ignorance about the chemistry of the substances that are present on those lines. But, last research said that that substance is salt. Salt helps water not to get a freeze that’s why because of this in Mars the water is found flowing as guessed by the scientist.