Young People In Nepal know That They Can’t Learn Leadership

Entrepreneurs do not attend conferences to learn entrepreneurship

I would like to make sure that young people in Nepal know that they can’t learn leadership and entrepreneurship by attending meetings.

There are a lot of little groups in Nepal making money for themselves by conducting leadership and entrepreneurship conferences and seminars. They mislead young graduates and make them pay for it. Please do not fall for it.

If you did not learn entrepreneurship during four years in college, you wouldn’t learn in a three-day conference where talking heads (who have times to talk bull shit) talk bull shit. Real entrepreneurs do not have time to lecture others on entrepreneurship.

Their action speaks. Here is the basic of entrepreneurship that you all already know: Learn people’s problems and needs and create a product(s) for them.

Very simple. Why do you need to attend a conference to learn this? I am sorry if I offended some of you. This is free though. I am not charging for this.