Zeftware Solution Pvt. Ltd. released the beta version of “Zefed” a school management software amid a function here today. “Zefed” a world class software for school-college management was released amid a program today in Biratnagar. Developed by Zeftware solutions Biratnagar “Zefed” is a cloud-based ERP. Moreover, the company claimed it to be first ever True SaaS(Software as a Service) product of Nepal.

Zefed helps to make school-college management easy by integration of all the requirements/needs in a single software. It helps schools/colleges to manage Exam, HR, Library, Finance, Billing, Payroll and much more.

The special feature of Zefed is that it can be used by various stakeholders, i.e. student, teachers, parents. It helps to bridge the gap between Parents and school.in today’s world, parents may not be able to follow-up about their child’s’ progress by visiting school physically.

By the help of this software, parents can check their kids’ progress report from home, to provide their opinions and views to school administration, to complain and many other features which help to decrease the communication gap between parents and school administration.

“Zefed simplifies all the activities that takes place in Schools/Colleges and we can assure you that zefed it far ahead of its competition by significant margin than others in the market.” claims the company.

Chief Technical Officer of the company Mr. Sandeep Bhagat said, “Zefed uses latest technology and is developed as per international Standard. Use of latest technology had made it fast, responsive, and easy to use. Moreover “All the datas of school are saved in a secured cloud server and remain safe for years and years.

Speaking in a program CEO of Zeftware solutions Mohan Tabdar said, “It is very difficult and challenging task to perform IT related jobs and coding outside of Capital.” Moreover, it is almost impossible to develop a software/application of International Standard working from outside of Kathmandu.  But, we did it. The credit of this success goes to the entire team.

Anup Neupane, Head of Research Department added, ” We performed research for almost 3 years and went through all the top software’s in the world of this sector and included many features those software’s possessed.”  He also informed that the next version of the software will be released with many more additional features like AI enabled Business Intelligence and Analytics which will help schools and college get detailed information of what is going on at their school and colleges.

CAN Morang President Nirmal Tamang, YFB Founder Saroj Karki and other IT professionals from Biratnagar have wished best of luck in the program.