to Close Current Round of Funding on 30th November 2017

WASHINGTON DC, 29th November, 2017- Social commerce platform Sagoon announced today that the company will close its current round of funding on Nov 30, 2017; it plans the launch of its – long-awaited – mobile app in the second week of December 2017.

The company is currently offering Class C common stock at $23 per share; the minimum investment required is $1,000. Investment can be made through credit/debit cards, ACH, wire payment, or checks. The offering is conducted through its own website, where the “Offering Circular” can be read or downloaded.

Sagoon has received investment from all around the world – mostly from the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, South Korea, India and the Middle East – and has welcomed over 2,000 shareholders, mostly its users, fans and supporters, with more investors joining every day. It has expanded its team from 12 to 42 full-time employees and spent $1 million developing its mobile app, which is expected to become every user’s go-to tool for everyday use. The company has also entered into a partnership with Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Delhi) to research and develop a battery recharge technology, artificial intelligence, semantic web, and natural language processing.

“We intend to solve the world’s most difficult problems and build a user-centric company – this will add long-term value for our shareholders,” says founder and CEO Govinda Giri. “Over the last eight months, we have made exciting progress. We hired top industry talent in India and built strong back-end technology infrastructure that will support traffic, sales and services for millions of users. We have signed a lease for office expansion – from 7,000 square feet to 27,000 square feet. Reaching our goal requires continuous, sustainable investment; please join us as we reach our minimum funding goal and prepare to close this round.”, he further added.

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About Sagoon

Sagoon is an early-stage social commerce platform that offers users a chance to make money while socializing. The word “Sagoon” is derived from the Sanskrit word “Shakuna”, meaning “an auspicious moment” or “good luck”. Sagoon was first launched as a search engine in 2009, but developed into a social commerce platform in 2014.

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