As imagination, we are definitely going to delete face book this time but we are still liking photos and posting photos & status whatever we share.

But are you getting these things out of facebook? Could you be posting morething to fewer people and having a nicer time. As a result We went digging around the annals of the social network to bring these ten tips that Zuck would never tell you about it.

1.    Hide all your updates from that one judge aunt

If you are not already acquinted with facebook’s privacy setting then you’re fool. It is the best way to stop that annoying relative who misunderstands all your cool internet speak and posts stickers of robots falling over an every status update. Just hit the bottom next to post on your status update and go to costom. You can also specify exactly who you do and don’t want to see what you are saying. You can also create lists of annoying people to hide things from the regular.

2.     Look at your profile as if you’re the aunt you’ve hidden all your photos from

Go to your profile page and tab the buttom wit three dots on it on your cover photo, then choose ‘View As’. It will default to how your profile looks to anyone you’re not friend with but you can then type in the name of any of your friends to see how those costum statuses are working out.

  1. Clear out your apps

Clock ‘Apps’ in the menu on the left hand side of your facebook homepage and check out what facebook app you have installed. I guarantee there will be at least two that you have no memory of every interacting with and a host of other apps you no longer use but still have access to your profile and data. You will need to hit app setting.

4.     Export your friend’s Birthdays

It requires to export your friends birthdays to your iCal/Google, Calender or Outlook? Unfortunately you can’t costumize the export to the friends you are actually friends with but once you connected the two calenders, they will stay up to date when you add new friends  or if any of your pals changes their birthdays, I guess could help you.

  1. Get Cosy with browser plug-ins.

There’s a whole ecosystem of plug-ins designed to make your account. If you are a particular secretive type , install Facebook unseen which lets you read facebook messages without your correspondent ever knowing you have read them.

  1. Use the graph Search to your advantage

Facebook search function has been vastly unappreciated in its life time. I would use this search to know who to avoid getting stuck talking to at the pub on Fridays. I’m sure it will only be a bit creepy at first and then find after that just like most of your  social interconnection.

7.     Use Secret groups to plot world domination

Facebook  groups  are another unappreciated element of the book. Zuckland Co actually use the internally  for all their work-sharing so, you can bet they have put a fair amounts of effort into making then as useful as possible  secret groups  are the best. Lesser- known features in both the public and sharing files from your computer or dropbox.

  1. Save Interesting Internet content to read later

Facebook realised it too when it added the option for you to save links, events, Videos, places, books, music and preetly much manythings  else you may have stumpled across on the big blue network for catching up with later. Anything same-able will have a same option in its drop down option you can find them all in same items in your favourite bar on the left.

9.     Download all your data.

You can download all your facebook data and store it offline. Just go to setting then download  a copy of your facebook Data and follow the instruction.

10.     Putnum

If you type::Putnum:: in a facebook message. You get a little emotion of some guy who once worked at facebook. Sometime it works. Sometime it doesn’t. Enjoy…..