Have you realize the speed of internet now and before? you may have thought it to be faster. Yes it has become faster but the size of pages has increased so much that average site is now 2.1 MB in size. And according to the data tracked by HTML Archive. The reason for this increase in the size of web pages is because website have started adding more attention-attracting videos, images, interactivity plug-ins. Thus the web is getting slower not because of the internet speed but due to the size of increasing webpages. There are other things to that make the web content heavy like other code and script-heavy features that clog up broadband pipes and wireless spectrum.There have been various use of third party apps and the web have been featured with so many options and space that people really don’t care about the amount of page size. This generally affects the one who chooses to view the pages. Its even irritating at times that these pages take so long to load and gets stuck at times. It is of course hard to get all those objects to be loaded. And in today’s date almost every website is using videos so that user would love to watch one. Even the news site prefer to have a video with their news and the entertainment world is always ahead in that job. If you search for a lyrics of a song, you will find the video in the page as well. This is because there is sharing of information at its best.
Generally site use different apps to know the rating of their sites and no of visitors. In this way the addition of application keep on making the pages have more weight and load slow. Those tracking applications that webpages uses not only takes more weight but have the task of fetching so many tasks which will lead to slower load times. however photos and videos have been the bulkiest part of the webpages and that has remain the same from quite a long time. Nowadays people have got so many devices to view the web therefore developers try to make pages perfect so that even the images display according to the size of the devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. And the complexity of making such changes according to the devices also result in increase of the bulk of the website as the code has to be increased. Not just the pictures but with the increase in types of devices in today’s days like smart tv, smart watches there are so many factors the developers need to take care about.  The challenge of website being the dynamic one is still there increasing the number of codes in a high rate. “The shift from desktop to mobile requests and consumption have had the biggest impact on website performance,” said Craig Adams, VP of Web experience products at Akamai, a content delivery network that services 15% to 30% of all online traffic daily.There is issue for security for website too as hackers have been more experienced and pages are to be secured properly. This need also result in the increase in the bulk of the website.