4G Expansion Based On Law And Necessity; Telecom

Nepal Telecom

Nepal Telecom informed that the expansion of 4G is based on law and necessity. The development is associated with Public Purchase Act, Company’s Financial Regulation, and other related Acts.

The telecom is planning to spread the long-term 4G services in all the Village Municipalities, Municipalities, and Sub- Metropolitan and Metropolitan cities, 65 million subscribers will receive modern, fasting data service and HD voice service and many other advance telecom facilities.

According to the statement of the company, upgrading the existing networks will not provide unique features and advantages. Installing 4G service will provide numbers of unique feature that will not be available while improving the current system.

This process will receive new equipment, and that will last for at least seven years. That equipment will economize the cost of the network and efficient power performance. Similarly, it will also make it easy to upgrade the 4G service.

The 4G network will include various services like Voiceover LTE, Single number multi-device, M to M, Voice over Wi-Fi, FMC service, Mobile data offloading and many others.

The amount of four billion to operate 4G service has not been received officially by the telecom office claims, Prativa Vaiday Spokesperson of NTC. Things related to finance are not cleared yet, added Vaidya.


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