You can bring all the latest camera reviews and news which helps you to choose the right camera with specially themed buying guides; it aims to study the mirrorless market.

Many mirrorless compact system cameras are sold as a market gadget for those who went better quality and better feature which we get them from digital cameras. There is plenty of mirrorless compact cameras system for beginner to choose, but enthusiasts photo will be looking for control with many more features. This is an electronic viewfinder. This is not the things of entry level.

So we have picked the top 5 mirrorless compact system cameras for enthusiasts choosing model which offers many kinds of features.

  1. Fuji X-T10

The cheaper and smaller version of Fuji’s legendary X-T1.

Sensor size: APS-C Megapixels: 16.3 MP

Viewfinder: EVF

Monitor 3 inch titling

Maximum continuous rate:8fps

 Maximum video resolution: 1080 p

The cheaper version of Fuji’s excellent X-T1 is fancy smaller but with equal performance. There is the magic of the X-T10 which uses the same EXR processor which produce an image with traffic details and well-controlled noise. You should get slightly viewfinder and marginally lower screen resolution by removing the sealing.

  1. Olympus OM-D E-M10

It is sturdy and hard but not to love E-M10.

Sensor size: micro four thirds

Viewfinder: EVF

Monitor: 3-inch tilting display

Maximum continuous rate:8.5 fps

 Maximum video resolution: 1080 p

The original E-M10 is famous for its size value of money and versatile. The E-M10 has added many features which take it to another level. The three-axis old camera has been updated to 5 axis system in Olympus. The viewfinder resolution has been practically double and shooting speed which is impressive at eight fps by creeping up to 8.5 fps. This will make critics much smaller micro four-thirds sensor format but its minor image quality.

  1. Fuji X-E2

Sensor size: APS-C  Megapixels: 16.3 MPViewfinder: EVF Monitor: 3 inches fixed screen

Maximum continuous rate: 7fps

 Maximum video resolution: 1080 p

The Fuji X-E2 uses the same X- trans sensor as X-t10 and X-T1, but it is a classic range finder style body through the good electronic viewfinder in the top corner. Fuji claimed the X-E” which had the world’s fastest AF for camera types which works certainly using hybrid AF system consisting on sensor phase detection.