Release of iOS 9: How to prepare your iPhone for iOS 0 Upgrade

The new operating system for iPhone and iPad is just on the way. IOS 9 was said to be released on September 16. It is about to bring various changes in your devices and will also change the way of using them.

If I am not wrong then, most of you are wondering how to install them in your iPhone or iPad. Before that, we’ll tell you how to make your device compatible for upgrading.

IOS 9 will bring numerous new features for iPad and iPhone.

Here you go will the things needed for upgrade.

How to make your iPhone compatible for iOS 9?

Help yourself looking to the points given below before downloading and installing updates:

Is your IPhone compatible for upgrade?

Ok, before trying to grab the update, you must know this thing that if your iPad is one of the 1st iPad that was ever released then you cannot download this iOS 9. And if your iPad is the next one other than that first one then you can download them.

Similarly, iPhones only after 4S can download iOS 9. See the complete list below:

Get rid of all those useless applications

After checking the compatibility, it’s time to clean your iOS device. As a result of the continuous use, it’s possible that your phone has collected tons of junk.

After checking whether it is compatible or not, it is now time clean your iOS device. As you have used your phone continuously, it is sure that your iPhone has got tons of junks.

For upgrade, you need some extra storage, so you have to delete some of your useless stuff. It is good to know that this time Apple has shrunk the size of updates to half, so you will be needing less space than before. Still, it will be better if you delete unwanted apps. Go to settings and tap on usage and then storage, there check the apps eating tons of memory and delete them if you don’t need them.

Now you can update your apps

To make your current apps applicable to iOS 9 you have to update them all. By doing this, you can make the most out of the new apps from the moment iOS 9 is available in your device.

Now go to Apps store, tap on update and start update the apps to prepare your phone for iOS 9

Now back up your data

This one of the most important that you have to do but Apple has eased the process with the use of iCloud. This will be very helpful if the update doesn’t go smoothly. You can either sync your data on iCloud or you can connect your iOS device to your Mac and backup using iTunes.

For iCloud option, you have to go to iCloud setting and see if your backup is up to date and now prepare your phone for iOS 9.

Now it’s time for upgrade

Once it is released, upgrading iOS 9 is easy as Apple releases the update over the air. Simply go to settings and tap on general option, after that tap on Software update and check if iOS update is made available for you or not. If it shows available, download and install the update using the desired options. Installing will be completed in some time depending upon your internet speed. Make sure that your phone is on charging mode with good internet connection.

Enjoy your iPhone or iPad with new iOS 9.