Tell us about yourself

Well, I (Shristi Lohani) would like to describe myself as someone who loves technology and is enthusiastic and willing to contribute in the field of ICT for its further development.

Why Choose The Sagarmatha College ?

It provides the students a good learning environment and the teachers here are very much helpful  and hardworking. We get to learn more about the contemporary issues everyday as many programs and guest lectures are held on a regular basis which helps us to connect with the outside world.

Why did you choose BSc. CSIT course ?

It is very similar to other IT courses yet it has a completely different curriculum designed on the basis of practical knowledge and its real time implementation.

How many hours do you learn a day on average?

It depends on my schedule but I manage to revise all the lessons.

What is your Goal ? Programmer ! Designer ! IT Manager ! IT Entrepreneur 

 From the very beginning, I have thought of doing something in the networking field. I also like the idea of being an entrepreneur. I have not thought it thoroughly, lets see what happens in the future.

What are your hobbies? What makes you happy?

 I love dancing, singing (though i don’t have nice voice) and travelling with my friends and family.

How do you generate new ideas?

Everyone has their own individual ideas. Communicating with different people time to time helps me to create a new idea when I need one. But creation of idea also depends upon particular situations and conditions.

Can you describe your best IT Teacher?

Well, all the teachers in my college are good but there’s one teacher that I admire more than others. Our computer architecture teacher, Mr. Suwas Karki, is my favorite. His teaching style is just wow! I really like the way he makes the class interactive by asking us questions frequently and he always provides us with some new ideas. He keeps on motivating us. I rarely miss his class!

Do you have anything to share through ICT FRAME?

The number of girls in this field is very limited. So, I would like to request and encourage girls to join this field as this is the most developed field to work in and as we all know, without IT/ICT nothing is possible in today’s world. The future of girls is very bright because it has a lot of scopes. And this would be a very good opportunity for girls to prove that we are no less than boys. we can work as much as they do and even better at that.