A $7 billion Charge At Microsoft Leads To Its Largest Loss Ever

SEATTLE: The well-known company Microsoft’s account charge wiped out its profit for the quarter, which led to the companies most considerable loss ever on Tuesday. The total account charge wiped out was roughly $7.5 billion. Accusations on the Nokia’s cellular phone business was made which was disclosed earlier this month. This separation of the market will now eliminate 7,800 jobs most of the companies phone operations department. This significant loss is instead a much set down for one of the biggest companies in technology.

However, investors look beyond Microsoft’s struggle in the phone market. They are slightly more concerned about the downfall of Microsoft’s windows and office which has been progressing weakly over the years. This issue was offset by strong growth in the cloud service business, X box games, and Surface tablets.

The companies fiscal fourth quarter ended on June 30 which resulted in the net loss of $ 3.2 billion or 40 cents per share. Last year on the same period the company had a net income of $ 4.61 billion which was 55 cents per share.

Nokia accusations and job cuts resulted in a total of $ 8.4 billion. The PC market of Microsoft has gone down over the past few years due to the rise of mobile devices.

The company has tried to Franchise its Traditional software’s like Office by transitioning it to become cloud services so that the customer can download it and don’t have to run off buying the program.

The company added almost 3 million consumers to the Office 365 subscription business making a total of 15.2 million users paying for access to the service.

The Microsoft companies chief executive Mr. Satya Nadella believes that the company’s new operating system, the Windows 10 will return the stability of the firm.

While Microsoft has difficulties and struggles in the hardware department of smartphones, it has succeeded with other devices including Surface tablets which generated 117% revenue to $ 888 million. X box games also generated revenue which rose by 27%, and  almost a total of 2 billion revenue was made in the computing and the gaming department this quarter.

Microsoft is hoping to put back lousy news about its mobile phone business, and hope’s to regain its influence in the tech. Market through windows 10.

In the months to come Microsoft will make operating systems available to people using smartphones, X box game consoles and other hardware’s.

Developers have shunned mainly Microsoft’s earlier versions of windows for smartphones. The software has made the user’s view unattractive due to scarce apps for the device.