CG Brings Smart Electric Gas And Greaser To Make Winter Warm


Taking a bath in the winter is one of the toughest tasks that we have to perform. Usually, everyone feels lazy and reluctant to shower during the time of winter because of the cold climate. CG has taken the problem very personally that’s why they are up with their latest electric gas and greaser.

 Marking the month of winter CG has launched various smart electric gas and greaser in the Nepali market.

To avoid the cold water shower, CG has brought an electric greaser of 10 liters, 15 liters, and 25 liters.

The greasers are equipped with a temperature controller which will allow safety from the accidents that take place by high temperature.

 The greasers are available in different color variants — the greaser’s functions in 11-watt heater input and 2800 per LPG pressure, which is considered as one the major attraction of CG smart electric greasers.

  Hurry up if you are terrified of cold waters during this winter season, CG’s smart electric gas and greasers can be the most excellent option for you.

Make your winter warm by smart electric gas and greaser of CG.


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