Apache RTR 200 4V
Apache RTR 200 4V

19th August 2020, Kathmandu

The All-New 2020 Apache RTR 200 4V is made public by Jagadamba Motors via their Facebook Live! The bike was unveiled by the former national cricket team captain, Paras Khadka.

You can view the recorded live here.

Let’s look at some of the best-in-class and the first-in-segment features that this racing DNA upholds.

Smart Features

The new RTR Apache comes with Smart Connect that gives you features like Navigation, Low Fuel Indication, Pump Navigation, and Crash Alert!

Good news for racers, it comes with Race Telemetry that gives various statistics and data using the Smart Connect App.

Ever seen a motorbike that is so smart that it gives you information on the nearest petrol pump? Well, the future is here with Apache RTR 200 4V! Also, you get a warning when you’re running low on fuel.

Here’s one more amazing feature that will make you love this bike with all your heart.


The crash alert mode!

Your RTR 200 has a sensor that can detect a potential crash within 180 seconds and it activates crash alert mode. When this mode is active, it sends instant location information on your emergency number.

This race hungry machine gives you uncompromised safety and gives you features that are very smart and premium!

The price of the new 2020 Apache RTR 200 4V in Nepal is Rs 3,39,900.

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