Department of Customs Nepal

20th January 2022, Kathmandu

All documentation relating to foreign trade and customs clearance will be processed online starting in Falgun.

The government implemented the ‘Nepal National Ekdwar System’ with the goal of making work linked to foreign trade and customs clearance easier.

The government had established a one-door system with the aim of eliminating the hassle to submit paperwork for export and import work to many departments and go to multiple locations.

Punya Bikram Khadka, a Customs Department Information Officer, explained that it is being done online to make the same arrangement more convenient.

Nepal is now implementing a national one-door system for licenses, permits, certificates, and other applications along with procedures relating to foreign trade and customs clearance, according to him.

He explained that documents submitted by exporting importers to the department in electronic form for acceptance or pay any charge or amount via electronic means will now be implemented through an electronic system from the one door system portal.

He stated that provisions had been made for tenders to be submitted both electronically and manually on that date.

“Currently, 30 bodies have signed up for this system’s online system, with more bodies expected to sign up later this month. Since February 1, we’ve been putting all of our document-related work online “he stated, “All other preparations have been done.”

Except for the physical inspection of customs, he noted, service recipients do not have to go to numerous offices for paperwork. He also stated that the department is aware of the cyber security challenges that come with doing all work online.

“There is no work without a challenge. While this arrangement makes work easier, we must be careful about the security of data and other assets, therefore we are also collaborating with our technical team and developers on cyber security,” he said.

The government had implemented this one door system since last year.


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