20th January 2022, Kathmandu

Electric bikes made in Nepal have been exhibited by the Jaishnavi Group. Jaishnavi has launched the Yak bike in Nepal, in collaboration with Chinese electric two-wheeler maker Benelg.

Its goal is to create Nepal an environmentally friendly vehicle by lowering vehicle fuel consumption. The company’s slogan for these electric bikes is ‘Smart City, Smart Ride.’

The organization has stated that it will employ and train up to 500 people, with a focus on low-income and unemployed individuals.

The attempt to bring electric bikes to the Nepali market, according to Jaishnavi Group Chief Executive Officer John Khadka and Chairman Smriti Palikhe, will benefit both the economy and the environment.

“Environmental sustainability involves maintaining the environment and relying largely on the resources we use today, with the expectation that today’s resources will be spent on management,” Jaishnavi Group explained.

The company claims to have brought electric vehicles appropriate for Nepali soil with the intention of assembling them in Nepal to reduce petroleum imports.

The company has also come up with a plan to set up an electric charging hub in major places of Kathmandu Valley.


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