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13th December 2022, Kathmandu

To make your website or web application easily accessible across different devices, you must host your website on a server. So many hosting service providers are in the market, and Amazon is also one of them. Many people often need clarification about how to use AWS for web hosting.

Intending to solve your queries, we wrote this article after years of experience. In this article, we explore how anyone can use AWS to host their websites; if yes, how and how to create a control panel, so stick with us and continue reading.

On March 3, 2006, Amazon launched a service called IT Infrastructure to business people in the form of web service for the first time.

AWS is very popular among people in business, websites, and web application owners with its unique and reliable features nowadays.

As shown in the above graph, AWS’s popularity is rapidly growing among users. We assumed that AWS is the market leader in web services worldwide. Using AWS for hosting means a handshake with the Market Leader to raise your business.

Can I use AWS for web hosting?

In short, yes, you can host your website on AWS. Many individual people and business owners use Aws to host their websites. Hosting your web on AWS means just a few clicks of your mouse in a few minutes, not even an hour.

Surprisingly, You can easily host your website or domain that you already own from any third Party. The step-by-step process of hosting your site on AWS is later in the article.

Is AWS good for web hosting?

Here are some of the one-by-one primary reasons AWS is suitable for whom.

  1. Websites built using CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, Woocommerce, and Drupal.
  2. Those users who want to manage their servers and resources.
  3. Websites built with Node.js, LAMP, LEMP, and others.
  4. Those users who want a single console to manage their web servers, DNS, and Network.
  5. Serverless backend websites.
  6. Those users who want to secure their websites.

Is AWS web hosting free?

Technically, AWS hosting is not free, but in simple terms, yes, it’s free. AWS offers a package for hosting users called AWS free tier with some limits and time limits also. Additionally, In the free tier time frame, you need to pay a minimal amount of $0.50 per month.

After your free tier period, The cost of hosting your websites varies on your use cases. It starts from $1 to $3 per month, with a minimal market cost.

Is AWS good for beginners?

While talking about AWS hosting features, there are many features and services, including different market parts.

AWS is a straightforward and easy-to-use platform for beginners. You will easily create your first AWS accounts with just a few mouse clicks within minutes.

Once you have created your AWS account, you will access the AWS Console, a user-friendly interface allowing you to manage all your AWS resources.

Additionally, the AWS console is not easy to use and understand all the features and functions that AWS provides to its user.

It’s recommended to take help from professionals or a course for beginners to access all the features.

Which AWS for web hosting?

  1. Simple Static Website hosting AWS S3: Best for a static website that delivers HTML, javascript, CSS images, and videos. Click here to learn more about hosting a static website using an Amazon S3 bucket.
  2. Enterprise Web Hosting: Popular marketing and media sites are examples of enterprise web hosting best for those sites that use multiple servers across multiple data centers.
  3. Amazon Elastic Cloud Computing (Amazon EC2): To make web-scale cloud computing easier for developers and allow maximum scalability and availability for websites and web applications, Amazon launched EC2.
  4. AWS Amplify Console: Deploy your app to global users using CDN networks and Amazon CloudFront. It’s best for WordPress users who want to host their site on AWS.
  5. Amazon Lightsail: It includes everything to jumpstart your websites. It’s best for beginners to use AWS for web hosting.

Is AWS S3 used for Web hosting?

Yes, you can easily host your website on the Amazon S3 bucket. Hosting your website on Amazon Simple Storage (S3) bucket is easy.

Click here to learn how to host your static website on the Amazon S3 bucket. We already wrote an article for this.

How to create a control panel in AWS for web hosting?

To create an AWS control panel, you need to have an AWS account.

Step 1. Login to your AWS account and go to cPanel and WHM AMI. You reached there from this link too.

Step 2. Click on the Subscribe to Continue button in the top right corner in yellow, as shown in the image below.

Step 3. After clicking the Subscribe to Continue button, you will redirect to the configuration page. In this section, choose and fulfill your software version, region, and other information. After inputting, all the critical areas, click on the continue to launch button in the top right corner.

Step 4. Now you will redirect to the customization section. Navigate to the choose action, and a dropdown will appear. Choose the launch from the website option to the dropdown and fill the remaining box according to your subscribing.

Step 5. After filling in all the blank boxes, click on the Launch box in the bottom right corner. After processing, you will redirect to the congratulation notification page.

Launching the cPanel takes some time, so keep patience and wait until after clicking the launch button.

If you are still confused, here’s a quick step-by-step video to guide you. Make sure to follow all the steps correctly so that problems don’t appear in the future.

Can I Host my Website in AWS?

Yes, you can use AWS for web hosting. Billions of websites are hosted on AWS. To host your website on AWS, follow all the steps correctly mentioned in the article.

Can I host my HTML website on AWS?

Yes, you can host your HTML website on the Amazon S3 bucket. HTML websites are known as static websites, and Amazon Simple Storage bucket is made for static websites.

Is AWS cheap for web hosting?

AWS is one of the cheapest web hosting service providers. However, it depends upon your usage. Typically, the price range starts from $1 to 3 dollar per month.


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