Android app may be cloud based in the future

Google with its projects at hands have really been careful with the future of itself. Android being one the most famous part of google have been able to satisfy customers on so many levels. Android is famous for providing users with best app ecosystem in the world. But it isn’t the google core business. It started as a search engine and now it has been oriented to the cloud computing. Even if we see google being far from its real business, everyone in reality is missing a bigger picture here. It has always been competing with other with their cloud based computing system that has challenged so many of the giant companies. Like with the photo app it did, show us what to expect from google in the coming futures. Even if google is working on projects that have been proved to be a great success in so many levels, it is also working for the cloud relating to the android. With the new report on projects of google, Google have got a project to transform android into complete online cloud platform. The name of the project is yet to be known. Anyways that means you wont be able to use apps locally but will get to steam the app from the internet. This is what google might be planning right now as they are focusing more on their type of business. Therefore google seems to want a future where applications are in the cloud. There are some benefits of the cloud service however. You will be able to try the paid apps for trials for some time. You may also not be needing high end phones to play high end games. A proper internet connection will be able to stream everything into the phone. This concept started after google thought of expanding the capabilities of its search engine, allowing it to search within Facebook for example, and then providing results that look like the Facebook app that we know. The best part about this project is that users will be able to try out the paid apps before buying and there wont be need of big memory space in the phones as well. However android being such a famous platform and users getting to enjoy all the benefits in their phones locally, this might not be a good choice for google. Cloud is good at many things but not surely for everything. We will know how the system will work in the near future but we are really skeptic about it. However taking such a huge step may downfall the state of google and android. So the decision isnt that easy at all. At a time when there’s no such thing as unlimited data, users are faced with a significant hurdle if wanting to take advantage of a product like this one. Google has always been able to win hearts of people with their projects but it might not be the one and its very hard for them to take decision as well. Its like what they want to do with the chrome OS.