Leaked Features Of Apple Watch 2

It had just been some months that Apple had announced it watch in April and now it has been already working on the successor of the watch. The company has been planning for the features of the new Apple watch.
According to some sources, we got to know about some of the leaked features that will be featured with the next watch. The watch is expected to have a front camera so that users will be able to do video chatting from the clock. The watch may launch in 2016 and have other significant features too that is going to make the watch smarter than before.
Though the features might nor all be featured in this next model as it is being tested by Apple. According to Mark Gurman from 9to5mac.com, we were able to collect some information on the leaked features of the apple watch. So here it goes:
A face time camera: A camera that will help users make a real-time video call is what Apple considering in its new version of the watch. The camera will be present in the top bezel of the clock. The current version of watch works as a remote for the camera shutter. However, the plans of featuring can change and may be pushed back to the later model.
 Independence from iPhone:
Apple is working on the Apple watch so that it will operate independently without the need for the iPhone in the surrounding. Whether it be any functions related to the iPhone, Apple Watch is expected to be working alone as well from its new version. Users have already been able to use some services without being tied to the phone, but there are still some basic features that will be independent with the coming version.
New watch models may come:
 Though it is not that sure, Apple watch is expected to come made by different materials. We were maybe able to see Watch models made of different metals, such as platinum or titanium. Apple is considering adding new Apple Watch tiers that fall between the regular Watch and the $10,000 Edition. However, it’s not clear how Apple is going to do it.
No improvements in battery life:
Even though battery life has been a severe issue for the users for Apple watch, the company isn’t expected to bring some significant changes in that area. If only something might help, it might be the software used so that more power is saved, but there may not be any improvements for the battery. As Apple continues saying that most users are satisfied with their battery life. Most watch owners still have between 30% and 40% of battery left at the end of the day and don’t mind charging it nightly, Gurman says.
Some of these leaked features might not be for the next launching apple watch but the watches after that. There are some significant changes that need to be brought to the Apple watch, but we hope the new watch will not disappoint us.