We are all aware of the smartphones that come in the market in todays date. The main thing about them is that these smartphones are not perfect in anyways. A smartphone is comprised of many features. That’s what makes it a smartphones but looking at devices that are in available in market in todays date, none can be called a winner on the basis of being perfect in all areas. Thus this has been creating competition in the market of smartphones. Users are looking for the best ones in cheap prices whereas companies are trying their best not to lose their fame as well as customers. However if you think for a second, we can definitely see a future of perfect smartphones. We know that smartphones that are available in the market have their own unique and best features that make the users go crazy for them even if they are not perfect in anyway. Some are looking for a good software whereas some are looking for a good camera phone and some might be looking for the design. So people have their own reasons to buy the smartphones. What if a smartphones comes as a successor to all of these smartphones having all the features that makes a smartphones perfect in all sense. This can be a dream come true. Even if there are not such perfect smartphones well not in reality but in fantasy. However there are phones that have quite good features,designs or etc. Such phones are considered to be the perfect by their fans. Well its expected. Right?
But if were able to borrow and combine the best features of everyphones, wouldnt it be a perfect smartphones. There is no doubt in that. We have disscussed some of the best features of smartphones that would create a perfect smartphones if they were to be brought together and assembled creating a kind of frankenstein phone.
Moto X:  This phone is the best smartphone software on the planet after Moto X added some tweaks to the Android. It was already considered one of the best software with Android 5.1(that’s lollipop) and now with the tweaks it has gone to a whole new level. Some of the features of Moto X will make you do so smart like if you take out your phone from your pocket you will get to see the clock. If something is bothering with you can just shake the phone to silence your calls. You can see who is bugging you with notification with just a tap. When you are driving or at home you needn’t look at your screen to see the messages, it will read aloud the messages. There you have it some cool features that makes it a perfect smartphones software.
LG G4: This phone is packed with a great camera. It built awesome that it may become a replacement to dlsr someday. You saw it right. The G4’s 16-megapixel camera can snap photos in 0.276 seconds. The app will also launch in seconds to provide user the privileged to shoot whenever they want and capture some amzing shots in the right moment. It has also go laser auto-focus. The G4 also gives you full control over the camera: Shutter speed, ISO light sensitivity and white balance are all adjustable which will let you be a professional photographer. Even to take a selfie you just have to wave the smartphones. Cool features indeed.
And the processor it has got is also unbeatable in the league of less overheating. So now you don’t have to worry about having a hole in your pocket. Even if Samsung and HTC are coming with speedy processor, the overheating issue is resolved here with a good speed.
Iphone 6: Well you must agree that Iphone are still famous in the market. Not just famous they are the only phones used in some places. The reasons are its body design and newly introduced feature of fingerprint scanning. Well the new feature was also in our list of making your smartphones perfect. With Apple pay introduced its going to be a big thing and a big reason for to choose Iphones in the future as well.  And the body of Iphones 6 is the best: The reason why other comapanies try to make identical phones. The iPhone 6 feels great to hold, with its curved edges, and springy switches and buttons. And it’s super thin almost unbelievably so.
Droid Turbo: The best phone for the battery as it packed with  3,900 milliampere battery which is just sick. It adds a bit of heft to the phone, but it’s a small price to pay for never having to worry about your battery life.
There you have it some phones whose individuals features are so good that their combinations can create a perfect smartphones.