Now you can easily taste the features of Android N Developer on your Smartphone and tablet for the Nexus 6p, Nexus 5x, Nexus 6, Pixel C Nexus 9, the Nexus Player and the General Mobile 4G. There are important features of Google Android N Preview, you should know.  On this article, I am going to describe all these features in detail.

Multi-Window API

This feature allows users to perform multiple jobs simultaneously especially on tablets. So that you can type a message while viewing a map, check the weather and many more. Furthermore, the screen can be split horizontally or vertically as your desire.

Reply to Messages Directly Without Leaving an APP

You can reply directly from the notification panel to incoming notifications of Whatsapp, Twitter or SMS messages. For this, you need not to have to launch the app time and again. Even the developers can choose to bundle notification alerts from the app and help users to expand the notification.

Better Battery Life

Now the Google has introduced a new battery-saving feature called Doze with Android Marshmallow. This feature helps to save the battery when your mobile is in stationary for a moment or whenever the screen is in OFF condition.

Data Saver

The Data Server feature is more useful for those who are on prepaid or pay-on–the-go connections for data. The data server feature restricts the apps when turned on from using data connection as well as prevent pulling in embedded videos and images on web pages.

Picture-in-Picture Mode

With this you can view a YouTube video while reading through a report in Word on your Android device. This is more useful for tablets or larger phones.

No Need to Flush Your Device (Direct Boot)

You need not have to flush or tether your device to a PC to download and install the new Android N Developer Preview.

These are the essential things you have to know. Even if you need any other information on it, just hit your comments.