Computer Security: Protecting Digital Resources Training At NCIT

Cyber Security International Nepal is going to be organizing the 30th edition of the ‘Cyber Security Awareness Training’ for the students of Nepal College of Information Technology (NCIT) at Balkumari, Lalitpur, Nepal.

This event is going to be held on 24th August 2016 from 7 am to 9 am. The major highlighted contents in the training program will be “Facebook Security”, and “E-mail Spoofing” which will provide a high-level overview of effective cybersecurity awareness, the rise of cybercrime in Nepal and why cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility.

Er. Kumar Pudhasaini and Mr. Chiranjibi Adhikari will be the trainers for the event. They will present the issues, challenges and possible remedies for cybersecurity in Nepal. They will share their knowledge on how to prevent cybercrime, and also demonstrate the tips and tricks of effective cybersecurity. The event will also include phishing demo, demo on Facebook security, demo on Gmail security, network security, presentation on ethical hacking concepts, and more.

Both Mr. Pudhasaini and Mr. Adhikari have been a part of this nationwide awareness program imparting their knowledge on cybersecurity to students from various corners of the country.

Cybercrime is a growing issue in Nepal. There have been many cybersecurity breaches over the years, but the cybersecurity policies and cybersecurity infrastructure have not been equipped to battle the cybercrime problem. In such conditions, events like this help the students be aware about the current scenario of the cyberspace in Nepal and the various do’s and don’ts to protect their data from any possible cyberattacks.