Tag Tracker Hacked

17th May 2021, Kathmandu

Apple Air Tag may have some security matters that could be exploited by hackers to modify the firmware of the device. Apple had released the Air Tag last month to help people keep track of their disarranged items. The Bluetooth allows tracker by Apple has reportedly been hacked by a German cybersecurity researcher as per a Tweet that is a first for the device. The researcher apparently used reverse-engineering on the AirTag’s microcontroller to hack it.

The security loopholes have been demonstrated by the German security analyzer Thomas Roth who goes by the name “stacksmashing” on Twitter. The security researcher hacked Apple’s AirTags using back-pedal engineering and posted a video on Twitter detailing his account. According to the post on Twitter, he changed the default NFC link available through the tracker by relishing its microcontroller. He adds that after gaining an approach to the microcontroller, he reprogrammed the AirTag and changed its firmware. He further tweaked the functionality of the AirTag and placed a custom NFC link when it is in the Lost Mode.

When an AirTag is in the stray Mode usually shows a notification when scanned by an NFC-capable smartphone with a link to the found.apple.com website to display information about the holder. The loopholes showcased by the client on Twitter could be leveraged by hackers. Apple had spoken about privacy and security being the main features of the AirTag at the time of its official release last month. We will have to wait and see how Apple answers to the claim.


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