Flip kart users

17th May 2021, Kathmandu

An alleged reveal database can potentially lead to unauthorized transactions from accounts of Flip kart client as well used grocery platform Big Basket with common user ID and passwords, an independent cybersecurity specialist said on Wednesday.

As reported by the expert Rajashekhar Rajaharia, cyber felons are selling sets of email addresses and passwords of clients from allegedly leaked databases of Big Basket that match with accounts of e-commerce firm Flip kart and Amazon.

Anyone with a combination of exuding email and password can log in from anywhere, including VPN/TOR to flip kart. Please mandatory two-factor authentication (2FA) for all accounts, said Rajaharia.

A Flip kart prolocutor said the group is absolutely focused on maintaining the safety and security of customer data and has robust information security systems and controls in place.

At the same time, to produce awareness on fraudulent activities, we drive awareness campaigns across various media and social channels, educating clients on best practices for a safe online experience and to keep their accounts secure from unscrupulous cyber elements, said the spokesperson.


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