9th Feb 2021, Kathmandu

According to a news article, Apple and Kia have reached an agreement to build an electric car. The tech giant has agreed to spend some 400 billion won by Korea ($3.6 billion) to bring the Apple car to life.

The iPhone manufacturer plans to set up a Kia product and build Apple cars at the Georgia automaker in the United States, according to Bloomberg.

The companies are expected to sign an agreement on February 17 and to introduce Apple cars by 2024, according to the newspaper, with the aim of producing 100,000 cars per year.

News of a possible deal has been circulated in Apple Car. On Tuesday, Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo told investors in a note that the iPhone manufacturer would work with Kia’s parent company. Hyundai to design and build an electric vehicle.

The Apple car will be built on Hyundai’s electric vehicle platform, with Hyundai Mobis providing support for the design and production of components.

It is expected that Apple will take charge of self-driving hardware and software, semiconductors, battery technology, farm factor, and user experience.

Earlier, Hyundai had said that he was talking to Apple to build a car. But then he backed himself away.


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