Apple Chooses To Go Open Source

As we know, swift is the programming language that Apple introduced in the last year’s conference, and it was welcomed by a massive no of developers just because they wanted to develop apps for the Apple. Swift had unprecedented success as objective c was getting too old.
The introduction of a new programming language was a big step towards the success of Apple. And yet again Apple received a great round of applause in this year’s conference for the thing they have been planning on. On Monday the company said it would make Swift open-source by the end of the year. How cool is that?
This decision of making the programming language is going to take Apple to a new height and the programming language to a bigger and broader path of success. “We think Swift is going to be the next big programming language,” said Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president for software engineering.
This means developers can write programs for apple on the non-Apple devices so that they can be used for Apple devices. The company didn’t had the choice not to go open source as the popularity would only remain within Apple developers, and from the previous conference, many people were even unknown about the language. This decision can change how Apple is now.
It is a big deal in the world of technology. If it had been limited to a platform than it wouldn’t have been choice of many programmers as they would have to spend time learning a language just for a platform.
If the company wants Swift to develop from a fairly popular language into one of the primary tools used by coders worldwide, it probably had little choice but to go open-source. With that commitment to the conference, Apple is going to do a better job for the decision.
And the product is expected to come soon with immediate action. With this apple will be appreciated by many developers. Seeing Apple finally go open source number of developers will be joining the Apple developers community.