There was a time when women were not much involved with technology. Don’t know if they were not encouraged by others or not self-motivated. Even if they were present, they were behind the scenes. And as time passed, tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and apple themselves started to involve girls into the world of technology.
Every year companies like these host a giant event where there are decidedly less no of women participating, but presently they have been able to include women with their efforts. Some say it’s not a girl thing however it is just meant to discourage them, and anyone having bigger ambitions should ignore it.
Looking at the present, the problem has been reduced. Nowhere is the lack of women in technology, especially in leadership roles, more glaring than in the keynote addresses put on by the same companies.
Tech Giants like Google, Microsoft have been launching programs so that they can make more no of girls participate in the IT section. Microsoft was the first to achieve success. At its Build keynote in April, three women Agnieszka Girling, Briana Roberts, and Lara Rubbelke gave presentations.
Recently events like Google I/O and WWDC took place in the famous cities, and for the good news, there were female presenters as well. Google brought three of their female minds to their presentation who were Aparna Chennapragada, Jen Fitzpatrick and Ellie Powers. But for Apple, it was still short for one woman.
Thought two of them were present who were Vice President of Apple Pay Jennifer Bailey and Vice President of Product Marketing Susan Prescott. Google and Apple also tried to get more women to attend the conference. Apple gave 350 scholarships for the WWDC event, and many of them were women.
Google also funded $20,000 in travel grants for women and offered female developers free tickets and told them to bring a friend. Similarly, they have done many other works so that women get an opportunity to involve technology.
In this way tech giants are trying to look diverse and also create motivation and opportunities for Women in technology. How they brought women for the presentation will surely going to encourage more and more women to participate, and it is a source of inspiration from the Women that are already involved in the field of Technology.