Its been sometime apple’s ipad have been searching for a purpose. With no specific purpose, it has not been able to be in the top list in the market. It has not also been getting the attention as expected by Apple. Having a bigger screen, neither it can work like an iphone as it cant be carried around easily nor it was able to be used as a mac book. It had lost its purpose somewhere in the middle. however for the purpose like watching movies and reading comics and book, it did had a place for some people. But you have a mac book, you wouldn’t even need the ipad. The reason of it being great at just few things made it unpopular among the users. But the Apple fans would love to have each and every device from the Apple as its how fandom works. These days people would want every features to be in one device. Its like a device should function for all purposes or rather more purpose so that it could be a choice.
With this in mind, Apple came up with a new idea for the ipad. With the new update i.e iOS9, Apple planned something so that it might get more useful to the people. The new update going to make the iPad more flexible. To be precise, it may be like a pc. Split View is what, introduced for iPad in the new features. This feature will let you run app side by side with each other. The screen can be split either 50-50 or 70-30 and it would also be easy to drag pictures and videos. There are limitless things you can do with this features. Like you can watch a movie while talking to a friend. Or you can provide GPS co ordinates to your friend when you are going to someplace for dinner. Another great feature is a “slide over” that will quickly slide an app over the thing you are working on. Like you can instantly reply your messages without having opt out from the apps you are using. Finally the ipad users will be able to multitask like in the Mac books. So its going to be a good time for iPad and its users.