If we talk to a Apple Fan and ask what is Apple doing these days?
What break through has Apple been working on? They will probably reply with the Apple smart watches not caring about the success of  iphones and the billion Dollar deal with the beats.
Some fans even might talk about rumors of the Apple car. But if you ask the true fan among the developers, they are going to be excited about the Programming Language that Apple launched a year which is named as Swift. Isn’t it awesome that companies Nowadays don’t just focus on their creations but also let others create there own.
Developers got so much excited when Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior Vice President for Software Engineering, first ran through such features as type inference, closures, and multiple name spaces. Swift as its name suggest is believed to be fast, interactive and code efficient.
The Programming Language was announced in June 2, 2014 and yet most of the people are unaware about it. The truth is the Programming Language are famous only among the developers and as the Apple’s developers were the ones that got so much excited as their Programming  practice was taken to a new height.
Isn’t it great when the work done by  5/6 lines of code can be done just by one line of code. The senior vice president also said that with this Language, developers will be able to publish their applications very easily. Just seven months after its inception, Swift had become the 22nd most popular language out of the hundreds of major languages that exist.
So you can image how popular it is among the Apples developers. Universities also added swift to their courses and developers were also excited to learn about it. A survey conducted by Stack Overflow, a website for coders, named Swift the world’s most-loved Computer Programming Language.
So in such a less time the Language could gain so much popularity but still there are very less people who know about this language.
There is also a reason why people got excited with swift. Before swift there was only one option for Apple developers that is objective C.
As it was developed a long time ago, people started complaining that it was getting old. Therefore, the new break through by Apple was satisfying enough.