Our eyes are one of the precious sense organs. It is continuously working except the time we are asleep. Our eyes are always looking here and there sometimes checking our Mobile, Phones, Scanning shop Windows and views of the place we go.
Involuntary working is never-ending. So what if we could track those movements of eyes. What if we could know where they are looking and what they are looking at. John Elvesjo, a young scientist who made this eye-catching breakthrough while he was looking for something else.
He was using a camera to determine the precise flow of objects passing in front of him. “As I did that I accidentally turn the camera towards my eyes. That’s when the idea came” says John Elvesjo to CNN.
The breakthrough resulted in John with a thin strip of cameras and sensors. The eye tracker can be embedded in technologies like Laptops, and it can determine where you want to go with the help of the movement of your eyes.
It tracks the movement of your eyes to know your desired location. Projector emits twin beam of light in the sights and creating patterns on the cornea. A camera in the sensor records these patterns and uses this information to determine where our eyes are looking at.
The point where it looks is known as the gaze point. One of the first users was British BMX gold medalist Steven Marie who was paralyzed from the shoulder down after he encountered an accident. He now uses the technology to run an Online Bussiness.
“There are lots of Application of eye tracking but providing help to communicate for the people who need it is extremely satisfying” John added. This innovation is a revolution in the field of technology. It can help people communicate just with their eyes.
There are also other companies like Samsung that are developing their eye tracking sensors for their Smartphones, but his approach of eye tracking with the help of infrared light could be used on laptops, TV as well and even your cars.
The application is countless for the eye-tracking sensor. However, John wants says its just the beginning and he wants to integrate the eye tracking system with all our gadgets.
Such a young scientist working on such a great and innovative project is inspiring to the new generation. He had started to work on this since he was 21. And now it seems his potential is being recognized by everyone.
Big companies might be wanting to work with him. So, we wish all the best for his Invention and Future as well.